The Exorcist by D.N.S


"You're going to die up there." -Regan

Audiences in 1973 were severely unprepared for the terrifying onslaught of demonic possession and fuckery that awaited them when they entered the theater to see the horror masterpiece 'The Exorcist.' Now, your friends and family can be too! This piece can hang on your wall right next to the window that has that cement staircase outside, just in case one of your guests becomes possessed and needs to rid themselves of a demon. You can probably find a "In Case of Emergency, Break Glass" sign for pretty cheap on Amazon, too. See? We've got you covered. Safety first.

Another classic horror illustration from D.N.S!

- Unframed
- 12x18 Enhanced Matte Paper Poster
- Crucifix and bed straps not included