Jason by D.N.S


Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch. Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah.
Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch... Ah-Ah-Ah-ACHOO!

Man, I've been trying to get that sneeze out for a hot minute. You know the kind where even looking at a bright light won't help? It's frustrating. Speaking of frustrating, imagine you're hunting down a camp full of horny teenagers as a lumbering giant who can barely see out of his hockey mask, then having to contend with seasonal allergies. It's a miracle Jason's racked up as many kills as he has, which might say more about the IQ of his victims than his homicidal abilities.

Anyhow, if you want to display a striking homage to the immortal legend of Camp Crystal Lake himself on your wall, look no further than this print by D.N.S!

- Unframed
- 12x18 Enhanced Matte Paper Poster
- Goalie mask not included